ProCorr Display & Packaging has recently restructured its departments with new management, promoting from within. Jay Mendez and Chris Lands are now spearheading the design departments as our design managers. 

Meet our new design manager, Jay Mendez, who stands outside our offices for a picture.

Jay Mendez, Structural Design Manager

Introducing Our New Design Managers

Jay, is now the Structural Design Manager at Procorr. He has been with the company since 2013, beginning his career as a Structural Designer. Chris Lands, who joined ProCorr seven months ago as a designer, is now the Design Manager. Both will oversee the design department and grow the existing team. In addition, they both aspire to continue to improve company culture and develop and improve procedures in each department.

When Jay was asked how he looks to improve company culture, he replied, “Our company culture has always been family-oriented. It continues to be since my first day at ProCorr.” He adds, “As we look to grow our team, our departments develop as well. I want to be more transparent and more available to teach (and learn from) my team.” Jay believes in coming to the table with ideas to collaborate. He shares, “The goal is to produce award-winning displays, spanning across mediums, in the years to come.” He continues, “We have a talented team, and we all thrive on working together.” 

Chris shares that belief and adds, “This opportunity will allow me to use past experiences to help develop new procedures to relieve pain points within processes while driving the team to create increasingly engaging and innovative displays and packaging.” Both will analyze their departments and teams to improve current procedures and protocols. In addition, they look to improve their current peer-to-peer learning processes already established within the company.

Meet our new design manager, Chris Lands, who stands outside our offices for a picture.

Chris Lands, Design Manager

The team is excited to see both Jay and Chris lead the departments into the new year. They will lead with weekly meetings, sharing teams’ accomplishments, company news, department goals, and updates. 

About Our Design Managers

At ProCorr, we believe internal growth and peer-to-peer learning are vital elements in having a positive company culture.

When Jay is not looking to put together the next best design for ProCorr, he enjoys supporting Philly sports teams. His other hobbies include gaming and playing basketball. 

Chris spends his free time coaching and playing ice hockey. As well as dabbling in silkscreen printing and coffee roasting at home. He is kind enough to share his creations with his team.