Working in the Warehouse

Jose Planco in one of our warehouses.

Our plant employees do more than operate machinery; they ensure the quality of the products used for printing. They are responsible for cleaning their areas around machinery and processing the materials into displays.

Working together as a team, our plant team teach and assist each other every day. Working in our warehouse offers opportunities to learn new skills and positions. Some of our plant team members who have been with us for years (even decades) have made it a point to learn every facet in our warehouses.

Meet Jose Planco

One of our longest-standing employees is Jose Planco. He’s worked with ProCorr for over 30 years now, beginning his career at our original location in Philadelphia. Originally from Puerto Rico, Jose came to the United States to build a new life. He primarily had family in the United States, Florida, but had his eyes set on Philadelphia. Jose wanted a new city to call home, and to find a job that would allow him to form a career and meet his need to continually learning and using his hands.

He began working for ProCorr at it’s original location in the Northeast. Learning the machinery housed then in our facility, he quickly adjusted to the new industry and started his career with Procorr.

One element he enjoys most about working at ProCorr, is learning something new daily. Through the years of employment at ProCorr, he’s made it a point to learn about each piece of machinery we house in our warehouses.

He found the work to be enjoyable; he shares, “I have always enjoyed working with my hands.” He continues, “Learning to understand something new has always been a passion of mine. I like to see how things work, and I can do just that here at my ProCorr.”

Jose Planco poses with former Warehouse Manager Rocky Yedman.

Jose has become a valuable resource whenever we need help in a different department in the warehouse. In the past, he’s jumped on the assembly line to assist a team member and ensure our clients received their orders on time. He learned to drive forklifts and even trucking when we were short on help.

Working At ProCorr

When asked what he values most about working at ProCorr, he shares, “We are family here; we help each other. I have seen the company shift from the hands of the original owner to being managed by his son, and both men have generous hearts.” He continued, “That generosity is felt within our company culture. When I wanted to work extra hours, I worked. When I wanted to learn, a supervisor taught me.”

Jose was excited to share his experience working at ProCorr. Through the years, Jose has assisted in training new employees, teaching the ins and outs of the warehouses, and striving to help them feel confident and welcomed to the team.

We are thankful for his commitment to ProCorr and for choosing us to establish his career. We are excited to see what he will do next within ProCorr, especially as we head into the new year.