Retail Packaging Experts

Our experts have many years of experience in the retail packaging industry as well as understand the many complexities involved for each project. We manage a whole host of moving parts to ensure products reach their destination.  Some of which include:

Assembly and Shipping

ProCorr provides easy-to-follow, printed assembly instructions with your displays. We’ll record an assembly video and post it online to enable an easy-to-follow visual if desired.

We are all about easy so no matter how complicated your order is, ProCorr will fulfill it per your request. Supply chains are unique and have many moving parts and speed-to-market is critical. We can ensure your products get to every destination on time and on-budget.

Warehouse, Pack-Out & Inventory Services

No room in your warehouse? That’s no problem. We have the space to accommodate your products, no matter the quantity or size. In addition, pack and ship displays to your warehouse, distribution centers or direct to the retailer giving you maximum flexibility.

Packaging Equipment and Support

Product company owners roll up their sleeves, get dirty and do what it takes to get, make and ship orders. In time, demand goes up, which is great, but keeping up with demand is one of the biggest challenges owners must overcome in order to stay in business and grow.

Graphic Design

Packaging graphics are one of the most essential elements in marketing. These visual elements provide the information customers need to make a purchase decision.

It also helps you stand out from your competitors, showcasing your company name, logo and color scheme so consumers instantly recognize your brand and product. Our team of skilled designers can provide original artwork or help build on customer-supplied artwork. 

The cutting tables in our facility are state-of-the-art and our full-time design staff are experience in designing quality structures and graphics that stand out in a crowded field and sell your products.

Some capabilities include:

  • Full color packaging prototypes
  • Graphic and structural design
  • Color matching lab
  • Environmental packaging
    • Water-based inks
    • Recycled corrugated