Welcome to our Ink Lab, Did you know Procorr mixes all inks in-house? We do, and our Specialized Ink Tech, Brian Rossello, works with our design team, clients, and warehouse staff to ensure each project and design leaves our facilities printed in the correct colors.

Developing An Ink Lab

Welcome to our Ink Lab.

Welcome to our Ink Lab, it’s located adjacent to our warehouse, storing our inks and mylars for each project.

For years, our facility would outsource inks for all jobs needed in our warehouse. As we continued to grow, we began researching the value of ink mixing in-house. While considering building a space for ink mixing, we saw an opportunity to become more sustainable. This decision posed a chance for us to meet customer needs even quicker than before.

Today, at our Procorr warehouse, our Ink Room houses many colors needed for potential and existing projects. Our Ink Room Specialist, Brian, manages and creates all colors needed for each project. Brian, who has worked at ProCorr for over 30 years, began his career working in different facets of the company. After managing machine operations, he craved to learn something new.

Meanwhile, we decided our next move as a company would be to create an Ink Room. This opportunity led to a new position within the company as an Ink Specialist.

A New Department

Once this department was created, Brian saw an opportunity to learn a new skill. When asked why he jumped at the chance to switch positions within the company, he replied, “I like the challenge, and creating new colors and ensuring they meet each brand’s color palette interested me.”

He soon found himself spending hours learning the science of colors and working alongside a mentor to understand job expectations. With time spent in the color room, he mastered the process by trial and error. We soon stopped outsourcing mixed inks, and Brian began to own the inking process for our design team and clients.

With the new ink room and position in motion, our team could deliver faster turnaround times for each client’s needs. However, we outgrew the original ink room location, causing us to move and expand the ink room to our State Road location. This move allowed more space, collaboration, and creativity within all departments.

Our Ink Room Specialist, Brian.

Our Ink Room Specialist begins to develop ink colors for a new project.

Today, after each job is complete, Brian stands by the press to ensure all the colors match, meeting our client’s expectations. He enjoys his position and is thankful for the experience he’s gained through the years. At Procorr, we believe in coaching our team members to find what they are passionate about within the company. Peer-to-peer learning is an essential element in our company culture.

More About Brian

In his spare time, Brian loves watching all Philadelphia sports teams. However, his real passion is antique cars, attending car shows, and staying on top of trends in the automotive industry.