When creating a successful package or POP Display for your product, understanding the roles of a Structural Designer and a Graphic Designer is crucial. Both designers play distinct but equally important roles in ensuring your packaging looks appealing and functions effectively in the market.

Structural Designer Responsibilities

A Structural Designer is responsible for the technical aspects of packaging or display design. They have expertise and an understanding of the principles of creating durable packaging or displays that are not only visually appealing but also practical, durable, and cost-effective.

Our in-house Structural Designers will develop the packaging design with our CAD software, choosing the appropriate flute while considering manufacturing processes. A mockup of the packaging is created to test its functionality and fit of the packaging. Once the structural design specifications are set, the Structural Designers will work closely with Graphic Designers to combine the graphics with functionality to ensure the final packaging is visually pleasing and structurally sound.

Graphic Designer Responsibilities

Graphic Designers use their artistic skills to develop the over all look of the packaging. Using their understanding of branding and color theory, they can impact the customer’s experience. By adding eye-catching artwork, typography, and graphics, they communicate the product’s message and marketing information to attract consumers’ attention on store shelves.

Our Graphic Designers understand packaging functionality to properly place the artwork on the packaging structure and work with the Structural Designer. In addition, our designers focus on creating packaging that communicates effectively to customers’ target audience. They understand the technicalities of printing processes, ensuring their designs are print-ready and translate well from the digital realm to the physical packaging.

Both Designers Worked Together

By understanding the roles of both Structural and Graphic Designers, you can be assured your product will stand out in the market. In short, graphic designers focus on the visual aspects and branding of packaging, while structural designers build on the packaging’s physicality, functionality, and engineering.

Oh, and one more tip: before you begin developing your packaging and/or POP display, it’s important to share your packaging requirements, the type of product, target audience, budget, and any specific design elements you want to incorporate.

It’s helpful for both roles in creating attractive, functional packaging that meets the product’s specific needs and the target audience.

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