In the printing world, choosing the right type of ink is crucial to achieving high-quality results and meeting environmental sustainability goals; here are answers to three common questions regarding water-based ink in packaging. Water-based inks have become popular among businesses due to their eco-friendly nature. 

This blog post will explore what sets water-based inks apart from other types, their benefits for businesses, and their positive environmental impact.

What are Water-Based Inks, and How Do They Differ From Other Inks?

Ink is an essential element in printing, and the type of ink used makes a huge difference. As the name suggests, water-based inks are made from water and certain pigments. Water-based inks differ from other types because they dry faster than most other types of ink and produce vibrant colors. Water-based inks can be used on many different surfaces, including paper, wood, fabric, plastic, metal, and, in our case, corrugated.

How can Water-Based Inks Help Your Business Save Money and Time?

Water-based inks in Packaging are becoming increasingly popular among corrugated converters and businesses looking for a sustainable option. Since this type of ink dries quickly, companies save time and money by not waiting for the ink to dry before moving on to the next step of the printing process.

For example, with our ProCorr Idera Single Pass Press, our Digital Print Option, each corrugated board passes through each section of the press applying the ink; it will then be dried with recycled air to reach the stacking station, completely dried and ready for the next production stage.

As well as providing cost savings, water-based inks produce high-quality results with vibrant colors that tend to last longer than other inks. This makes them an ideal choice for businesses that want to create packaging and displays that stand out in the marketplace without increasing the budget. 

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Using Water-Based Inks?

Water-based ink is an excellent option to help reduce the environmental impact of traditional printing methods while still producing quality prints. Also, Water-based inks are easier to clean after use, reducing water consumption and waste generated from traditional printing methods. By using water-based inks, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and make their printing operations more sustainable while meeting their POP and Packaging goals in the marketplace. 

By harnessing the power of water-based inks in packaging, we can reduce our ecological impact while still providing high-quality results for our customers.

We are proud to offer eco-friendly solutions that meet our customers’ needs and contribute to a cleaner and greener future. To learn more about our ProCorr Idera Single Pass Press and how it can elevate your packaging and POP display projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us HERE.