Flexography is the most commonly used printing method due to its versatility. Corrugated packaging and printing have made significant advancements in recent years. Different printing methods exist on corrugated material, including flexography and offset lithography.

A look from inside our flexo rotary die cutter, The Sun.

A look from inside our flexo rotary die cutter, The Sun.

Although corrugated substrates are durable during shipping, they can be easily crushed during an inept printing process. As a result, companies were forced to pay for product shipping and display boxes that were less appealing to customers due to poor, low-resolution images and text.

Thanks to advances in technology and materials, corrugated packaging printing has been revolutionized. This has allowed brands to use corrugated product boxes to increase product visibility and promote brand awareness, in addition to benefiting from the combination of lightness and durability that makes it ideal for shipping.

What Is Flexo Printing?

Flexo printing is a printing process that uses an image carrier to transfer graphics or text onto a substrate. The image carrier has raised areas that depict the artwork and is adhered to a cylinder. Ink is metered onto the image carrier by another cylinder, and as the image carrier cylinder rotates, the image is transferred onto a moving substrate.

Flexo printing is a quick and versatile option that is well-suited for high-volume custom corrugated jobs. Examples of corrugated products that can be printed with Flexo include shipping boxes, in-store displays, subscription boxes, point-of-purchase displays, and clothing boxes, just a few.

Flexo can produce high-quality, photo-like images with a pre-printing process or print graphic designs directly onto your corrugated boxes, boosting customer confidence and brand recognition in the marketplace. Its versatile capabilities, time-tested methods, and durable printing materials make it a good choice for many companies, brands, and products for building consumer trust and brand recognition.

Have Questions For Your Next Project? 

Flexo printing is one option we offer at our ProCorr Design Facility. Our skilled designers can help you with the essential components, such as artwork specifications and setup considerations, to consider in corrugated packaging printing with Flexo before printing. Our team can help design your artwork and help you select the best printing methods while considering your budget and costs.

Are you interested in flexo printing or printing on corrugated board? Are you wondering the best printing option for your product release or display? Our team would be happy to answer all of your questions. Contact us today