We Design. We Create. We Build.

Our team shares the value and vision of design in everyday life. We believe in prioritizing individual development. We are driven by sharing the impact of design through teaching and exchanging ideas to create impactful packaging designs for our clients.


Our Core Values


We believe in communicating directly and honestly with each other.


We believe in teaching each other and cross-department training.


We believe in relentless self-improvement.


We believe in being culturally diverse and inclusive.

Meet The ProCorr Team

Meet Jay Mendez, Structure Designer

Jay Mendez

Structural Design Manager

Digital Painter | Gamer
10x Shower Grammy Award Winner

Meet Chris Lands, our Graphic Designer

Christopher Lands

Graphic Design Manager

Coffee Roaster | Typography Lover
Silkscreen Printer
Professional Beer League Hockey Player

Meet Allie Taylor, our Junior Structure Designer

Allie Taylor

Jr. Structural Packaging Designer

Watercolor Artist | Dog Mom
Sixers Fanatic
Maryland Crab Enthusiast

Meet Elle Alvarez, our Marketing Manager

Elle Alvarez

Marketing Manager

Baker | Blogger
Dog Mom | Social Media Junkie
 Craft Beer Nerd
Meet Gary Pedinoff, our Sales Representative

Gary Pedinoff

National Account Manager

Foodie | Roadtrip Lover
Sports Lover

Meet Herb Hale, our Sales Representative

Herb Hale

Sales Representative

Cowboy Boot Wearer | Rock N’ Roller
Instrument Player

Meet Gerry Vranick, our Sales Representative

Gerry Vranick

Sales Representative

Family Man | Avid Outdoorsman
Precision Shooting

Meet Jim Meyers, our Sales Representative

Jim Meyers

Sales Representative

Golf Player | Best Grandpa
Phillies Baseball Phantic